(A reflection on the tendency to defer making your light shine!)

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Have you ever been trapped in a nation,

They call the, ‘Great Procrastination’?

Where noble ideas and true intentions,

Are locked in perpetual hibernation?

There they lie moaning and groaning in gestation,

The cry of the unborn in vexation,

All it takes to set things in motion,

Is an intent driven by massive pro-action!

‘Now’, ‘Do it’, ‘Reach and Teach’,

Energize your latent muscles weak!

‘Start’, ‘Move’ and ‘The 5-minute rule’

Is bound to melt inertia glue!

Try it, fake it, till you make it;

There is no other way around it.

Grab that wheel and get in the flow;

You’ll sure love the newfound glow!




Ikigai, the Holy grail of living,

Is discovering your life purpose,

Your reason for being.

Blissful Okinawans in the blue zone,

Flexing wrinkled limbs, voicing gleeful tones.

Get cracking at what they love doing,

Their sole reason for beaming and being.

You can retire from strife,

But not from life;

You can retire from anxiety,

The duplicity and propriety.

We all want to make a difference,

If not for others, at least for ourselves.

To love my life from morning to evening,

The whole reason for being inspired and inspiring.

Root in the now, the here and the present,

‘Mighty one’ is above, to deal with the unpleasant;

Move, smile and express with good friends,

Count your blessings,

For now that is sufficient.



Cynthia Roche

Cynthia Roche

An Ex-Teacher of Biology who decided to embark on a journey of self-exploration and fulfillment. Who am I besides my name and designation? Why am I here?